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Monday, August 4, 2014

Fear Not: Series of Blog Posts

Howdy friends. Hope you are having a fantacular summer. I just got back from our annual holiday-polooza across the Southeastern part of the United States (including a trip to its capital Washington, D.C. -- admittedly, to visit with close friends but with the excuse that our little American citizens should learn some American history whilst living abroad).

Worshipping Sunday with my local family of faith and diving together into His Word was a breath of fresh air. I have just started a 3-week series entitled Fear Not which aims to lay out 3 anchoring truths designed to move people (including this guy) from fear to faith.

Sooo...the Sunday messages are intended to be more prescriptive than diagnostic in nature (ie. spending less time on WebMD figuring out how fear works & its symptoms and more time going to the Physician for truth prescriptions). Nevertheless, taking time to look at some of the inner workings of fear can help ready us to fight against it.

Each week of the series I'll write a blog post, during which time I'll take a poke at the following:

  • An unlikely match: How Fearing & Loving God go together
  • An 'acceptable' weakness: The fear of man
  • The straw that stirs the fear: Worldly & Satanic lies
  • Stranger Danger: When fear is good

I'm already working on the first, but having a hard time choosing 2 out of the remaining 3. If you have any thoughts or preferences, do please let me know (or would that constitute me "fearing man"?!...chuckle...ridiculous).

Will report back soon.

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