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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Can you do this job to the glory of God?

Last week, a helpful website The High Calling published a thoughtful article that I think might be of service to many who are in-between jobs or who have settled-in and gathered their breath sufficiently to re-evaluate what they are doing - and more importantly: For what purpose? 

CLICK HERE to read: Can you do this job for the glory of God?

God's larger perspective on work is that it is good (Genesis 2:1-3). Because He is good and He did work filling full the heavens and the earth, it is good. In fact, Genesis goes against Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman labor principles which stated that working with one's hands in the dirt is among the most demeaning kinds of work. God Himself did just this in creating man! The Ancient Babylonian creation account asserts that the gods created man so that they didn't have to do any work. Our God finds great satisfaction in working on our behalf and to His glory!

May we find satisfaction in our work done on other's behalf and to His glory!