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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free Audiobook for February: A Jesus-lovin' Indiana Jones

I have two sons - 8 and 6 years of age. The youngest celebrated his most recent birthday with a Spy Party (which included mostly parents jumping behind cardboard boxes shooting Nerf Gun Darts at one, yes, the party was awesome!!). Boys, including this one in his mid-30s, gravitate toward adventure & risk. And there is plenty of that in the story of Brother Andrew.

God's Smuggler is a true story that begins with a boy who dreamed of one day being a spy and spent his childhood acting like one. After trusting his life to Jesus and seeing in His own life the impact of His Word, Brother Andrew decided to wed his life long passion with His passion for God's Word - spending decades smuggling Bibles across closed borders. The stories of God's supernatural protection and provision in the face of persistent imprisonment and death are astounding. 

You can download the free audiobook here. And as countless reviews tell of parents whose 7-10 year old children were riveted by this true account, my boys are likewise looking forward to hearing about the "Jesus-lovin' Indiana Jones" (don't judge me, but I'll use Harrison Ford-based media reference to lure my kids to the adventures found in living radically for Christ...okay, except for maybe Morning Glory).
I dare you to watch it!!

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